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Achieving Success in Korea’s Biotech Industry

05/31/2017 | Lucas & Mercanti, LLP

Korea’s Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEIs) are committed to providing small and midsize enterprises with the advice, financial resources, and other support they need to successfully commercialize their ideas. During one of her frequent visits to Korea, Yun Choe, Ph.D., Lucas & Mercanti Patent Agent and Vice President of the Korean American Society in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals, shared her thoughts on a range of patent law topics, particularly related to the pharmaceutical and biotech fields, and their global market expansion. See the video here.

Yun’s video is one of series produced by CCEI in which experts in the biotech industry share their experiences with those who want to be part of industry, one of Korea’s most dynamic. Presenters so far have included entrepreneurs, executive officers of large companies, and others with expertise in patent law, biotech research, venture capital, and business development.

Thanks to the support of the Innovation Centers, many forward-thinking people in a variety of industries, including biotech, healthcare, medical device, IoT and beauty, are achieving great success. The country established its first Innovation Center in 2014. Today there are 18 throughout the country.

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