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Insight from One of Our Many Trips to Japan

03/09/2016 | Donald C. Lucas and Shintaro Yamada

​New York, March 9, 2016: During the week of February 29th, Partner Donald C. Lucas and Shintaro Yamada, a registered patent agent at Lucas & Mercanti, updated a number of business executives, entrepreneurs, and law firms in Japan on developments in U.S. patent law.

“By far, I would say the question we heard most often was ‘What’s patentable?’” said Mr. Lucas. “We advised our Japanese clients that their chances of success are greatly improved when they prepare their applications with the U.S. patent eligibility practice in mind. With respect to an invention directed to a nature-based product, for example, it is advisable to describe the products’ non-natural characteristics, such as chemical structure, crystal form, nucleotide/protein sequence, activity, chemical/physical property, and phenotype.”

During the past six months, Mr. Lucas and Mr. Yamada have spent 20 days traveling throughout Japan providing presentations and one-on-one consultations to professionals in a variety of sectors, including biotech, printing, and manufacturing, a tradition the firm began in the mid-1980s.

To learn more about the Japan Practice at Lucas & Mercanti, please contact Mr. Lucas at, Mr. Yamada at or reach them at +1 (212) 661-8000. You can also contact Mr. Lucas for a copy of the presentation slides.

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