Scientific Advisor Yun C. Choe, Ph.D., Presents at Asia's Largest Gathering of Medicinal Chemists - Lucas & Mercanti, LLP

Scientific Advisor Yun C. Choe, Ph.D., Presents at Asia’s Largest Gathering of Medicinal Chemists

10/20/2015| Lucas & Mercanti, LLP

Jeju, Korea, October 20, 2015: Scientific Advisor Yun H. Choe, Ph.D., presented at the 10th International Medicinal Chemistry Symposium. This biannual event, known to be the largest conclave of medicinal chemists in Asia, was hosted by The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea, Division of Medicinal Chemistry, and organized by the Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry. Its theme: “Innovative Approaches for Drug Discovery & Development.”

In her presentation: “The Impact of Global Collaboration on Intellectual Property Rights in Pharmaceutical R&D,” Dr. Choe stated that the risks, time and investment entailed in bringing new drugs to market continue to increase, now at an even more rapid pace as drug candidates are trending from small molecule to large molecule like biologics. Dr. Choe discussed how pharmaceutical companies are collaborating more often and earlier in the discovery process to accelerate the process and share the risks. But there are complex intellectual property issues that need to be addressed, for example, when the collaboration involves parties in different countries or when the initial IP and research was conducted before the formation of the collaboration agreement. Dr. Choe presented ways to address various unexpected issues that can arise to ensure a successful collaboration.

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