Industries - Lucas & Mercanti, LLP


We represent clients in a wide array of industry sectors. To keep abreast with the latest developments in many fields, we regularly visit clients, participate in industry conferences, and study both industry and legal publications.

Our professionals hold academic degrees from leading universities world-wide. We have expertise in a variety of technical fields that are relevant to the industries we serve, including biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular biology, microbiology, molecular genetics, neurobiology, pharmacy, life sciences, chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and physics. Moreover, we have real-world technical experience, with many of us coming from prior careers as scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and doctoral-level professionals.

Because our technical expertise is deep and our industry experience so broad, we are adept at understanding the legal issues they face and the market dynamics and regulatory framework in which they operate. Consequently, we rarely need to be brought up-to-speed or learn the industry nomenclature before we can get to work. That pays off for our clients in efficiency and cost savings.

Below is a representative sampling of the industry sectors in which we often practice:


We represent clients with a wide array of automotive components and systems, such as hydrodynamic torque converters, bearings, clutches, transmissions, engines, engine controls, suspensions, instrumentation, convertible roof mechanisms, seating, brake systems and drive trains for hybrid vehicles, as well as designs.


Our expertise includes representing companies, both U.S. and foreign, that manufacture organic and inorganic chemical compounds and formulations. We prepare and prosecute many patent applications involving various aspects of the emerging field of nanotechnology.

Computer Software, Equipment & Services

We represent a significant number of clients in this sector, with technologies including: wireless communications devices and networks; electronic circuit design and devices; semiconductors; software, mobile phone apps, and chip design and manufacturing processes and equipment.

Consumer Goods & Electronics

We regularly collaborate with our foreign affiliates to represent the owners of globally-recognized luxury goods and brands.

Educational & Research Institutions

We establish and enforce the intellectual property assets for many non-profit research institutes and universities.

Food & Beverage

Our experience in food science technologies and processes includes conducting due diligence reviews of patent portfolios and representing clients in patent-related FDA matters. We also represent several food and beverage companies in trademark matters.

Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing

We represent clients in the fields involving heavy machinery, plastic injection molding, industrial 3-D printing, steel making, and steel processing.

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & Life Sciences

Much of our firm’s work involves representing pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotech companies in intellectual property matters. Our technical expertise includes, for example: prodrug technologies such as polymer conjugation; new chemical entities (NCE’s or small molecules); biosimilars; oligonucleotides, antibodies, and related nucleotides; drug and formulation development for oral, injectable, topical and inhalation therapies; pharmaceutical excipients and film coatings for both immediate and controlled release of active ingredients; and medical imaging and diagnostic systems.


We represent clients holding various cellular technologies including mobile telephones and terminals, satellite and radio waves, radio antenna, radio communication channels, and transceivers.